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     Long Island Food Trucks was established to provide multiple services as it relates to the growing demand for Gourmet Food Trucks across Long Island NY. The Catering business on Long Island has become much more competitive now that Gourmet Food Trucks have entered the market. Restaurants have found that expansion has become increasingly more difficult due to the high costs of regulation and staffing and are moving toward mobile catering options to adapt to the new economic challenges. Gourmet Food Trucks offers a viable solution as an alternative to expansion while those chefs who cant afford to open a restaurant see an opportunity to show off their culinary skills without the overhead of a lease or large staff. 

     (TIM) Time is Money - Is a cost businesses and organizations must weigh when it comes to organizing their upcoming events, private parties, wedding catering, street festivals, fairs, farmers markets, and corporate luncheons and cocktail hours. Planners and Organizers know the pain staking challenges of not only getting in touch with food trucks but booking them due to the uncertainty of weather, breakdowns, conflicts of competition between the truck owners, money issues, attendance, health issues, permitting issues, staffing, amongst a whole host of other issues not mentioned here.

     Here lies the challenge for those who take on the challenge of Booking a Food Truck for their private party, event, festival, wedding, street fair, farmers market, and food truck rallies. Other challenges are knowing the limitations of each food truck as it relates to serving capacities, speed or service, quantity of food and preparation time vs attendance, setup costs, past experiences with venue, health department permits and related costs necessary to participate in your event or festival. Village, Town, County, codes regarding ancillary systems, propane, and generators are different throughout long island and must be taken into consideration when booking a food truck.

     Our Goal is to remove (TIM) Time is Money off your back by offering our services which has become streamlined in certain areas and less time consuming in other areas. Planners and organizers usually have a million other things to do to make sure their event, party, festival, fair, is a success and if they can avoid countless phone calls and catering issues that will certainly arise last minute when dealing with food truck operators, it would be a tremendous burden lifted off their backs. We pride ourselves with the ability in most cases to lighten the load for planners and organizers and how much is that worth to a business or organization when it comes to the bottom line.

     Our services include a free consultation, then comes the countless phone calls we make on your behalf, venue descriptions to each food truck, price/cost negotiations, securing backups if necessary, making sure they fill out the necessary paperwork, scheduling and personality conflict management, utilizing our knowledge base and resources to locate the best food truck options available at the time to fit your budget.

     We provide these services for a nominal fee which is far less than what it would cost in time and money to a business or organization allocating these services to a planner or organizer that is responsible for the entire event, party, festival or fair. Planners and organizers would gladly pay this nominal fee in order to relieve themselves of this stressful challenge and which would allow them more time to concentrate on the other more important planning aspects of their venue.

 Any and All Contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

We hope the services we provided were helpful and cost effective for your Business or Organization

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